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07-18-2013, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Perhaps you "haven't heard" because I couldn't "tell you" as we're writing.
Yes, very clever... I can't stop laughing.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
But I did however wrote a 1,300 word article just for you so that I could explain in length what what I'm thinking. The fact that you don't agree and want to discredit my point doesn't mean that I didn't explain it. Putting your head in the sand doesn't mean we can't see you.
I read it.

Nowhere in there do I read anything about how he's worth less than Gorges. Nowhere in there do I see any kind of rationale for paying him 2.8 million. MB wanted to see more from him before signing him long term? Okay... still think it's a dumb decision but whatever. Paying him 2.8 though makes absolutely no sense at all and your article doesn't come close to explaining this.

And again, I like the way you completely sidestepped the meat of what I wrote above. The position that a GM can't be assailed by fans because he's in fact a GM is ludicrous on it's face.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
No worries though, I respectfully disagree with your theory as well. I've brought forward more facts than you did, yet they don't count as they go against your opinion. That's fine, I won't lose sleep over it. I'm perfectly fine with agreeing to disagreeing, you know. I know that I won't convince you otherwise and I sure know that the opposite is just as true.
What facts have you brought to the table? I've seen your unsubstantiated conjecture that he would be motivated to play better without a long term contract. A highly debatable position that is about a million years away from being a fact.

How is PK worth substantially less than Gorges? Please explain this explicitly so we can all understand your position on this?

You want some real facts?

We were 15th in the East in 2012.
PK wanted a long term deal.
Pretty much every credible analyst pegged the deal that PK was seeking at approx 5 for 25.
PK sat out in a contract dispute.
PK was paid approx 2.8 million last year and is only locked up one more year.
PK is being paid less than Josh Gorges or David Desharnais.
PK has more career points than DD.
PK won the Norris this year.
Don Meehan is his agent.

Those are the facts. And when you add them up, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to try to justify us not having paid the guy 5 for 25. We didn't need the cap space last year and won't need it this year. And like I said, MB probably is wishing he did it now too. Because now PK has a Norris behind him and Don Meehan is going to take us for all he can. And this contract will come in years where we actually will (hopefully) have a contending team and will be more likely to need the cap space.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
So in the one hand, you're saying that I lose credibility for not agreeing with your theories and on the other, you're calling Bergevin an idiot. I see... :nod
I'm saying you lose credibility because what the critics said back then has come true. PK would have a good year and his worth would shoot up. The guy won the Norris... this is exactly what's happened. So now, rather than admit that folks were right about this, you need to somehow justify your position. Now PK stands to make a hell of a lot more money in the long run. And yes, I think you sitting there with this "incentive" argument is a load of hogwash. Esp when you factor in the stupidly low money we signed PK for.

As for calling Bergevin an idiot, I did no such thing. I said that I was hopeful that he'd be a good GM but found some of his moves puzzling. What I did say though was that some GMs were idiots and its very clear that being a GM isnt necessarily a sign of intellect.

Rejean Houle for example was an idiotic GM. So were slews of others. There were tons of idiots who won the job so the argument that "He's a GM and you're not" is a ludicrous one to make. The guy is a GM, great... doesn't put him beyond criticism any more than it put Gainey, Houle ,JFJ, Stellick or any other guy beyond it.

So please don't make this very weak, desperate and tired argument because it carries zero weight with anyone.

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