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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Uh no... that's not what was said.

As for PK being lowballed, I guess technically it is opinion. But it's a very well supported opinion one that's on the same level of saying that dealing Ovechkin for Chris Neil is a bad trade. You can say it's opinion all you want but it's very easy to back up. There's no way that anyone who knows anything about hockey would agree that PK is a 2.8 million dollar player. So sure, put it under the opinion category but it's as close to fact as you'll ever get.

Nobody said he didn't have issues. Nobody said there's no risk. There's risk in EVERY contract. What we've said is that it's a pretty smart risk to take. He'd already shown himself to be a number one blueliner and even at that level was well worth 5 mil.

And the FACT is that he won the Norris. There is no conjecture about this. You can try to spin this however you wish but that burden is on you.
Please see my list of facts in my post above.

This is conjecture. Unlike our position that is backed up by fact (PK actually winning the Norris) you have the burden of spinning this conjecture to suit your position. There is NO foundation for this opinion at all. It is purely speculative.

Do you not see this?

- Why?

- Why? If Galchenyuk proves himself as PK did, why not learn from this and give him 5 for 25? If Gally plays well and he pulls this crap with him, Galchenyuk might demand a trade. And he'd be justified doing it too... We're lucky it didn't happen with PK.

- Possibly. But this is all the more reason to lock down players for longer at lower amounts like we suggested. And we're now going to pay PK more money so how the hell does this support Side B?

- So what? What does Gionta or Markov have to do with anything here? They are irrelevant to this discussion.

- Subban's "issues" are not fact, it's speculative. And even if it's true, how does lowballing him change this at all?

- Hockey is a business and feelings come second? WTF does this even mean?

- Its nice that MB doesn't have a problem with it. Good to know that he doesn't mind paying 3 million more per season when it was totally unnecessary.
guess someone needs a new dictionary

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