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07-19-2013, 03:35 AM
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Wow guys, I mean really... wow

I know we all have suffered the last 8 years or so, but at least give the guy a chance here, and not let blind hatred override reason. MacT has made just as many changes as Tambi has, but Tambi did it over years, while MacT has done it in weeks.

This is one of the weakest UFA crops in many years, he dumped Horcs contract and even got something back, and though the list of new players are not Crosby level like some of you seem to be demanding, in just about every case, they are better than the player they are replacing. The team will certainly be more committed with how they play, and I'm sure we won't see the indifferent play of the team like we have before.

We are not going to win the cup next year, but at the very least, we have a better team in a far tougher division, that will be in the fight for a playoff spot this year. Lots more depth to maybe finally solve the teams collapses due to injuries, a new coach, Perron will be a very good addition and far better suited for 2nd line wing than MPS, and I like the pick-ups for defense.

MacT isn't done, the rumor of Clifford coming means he is now working on improving the bottom 6 and starting to fine tune things, even though we still have at least 2 months to go. There will be 8 new players this year, he drafted very well, and I expect the Oilers will finally start getting better.

Considering the huge job in front of him when he became the GM, I think MacT has done a hell of a good job so far, especially with what he had to start with.

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