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Originally Posted by leeaf83 View Post
Who says they have to wait until the finals end before starting on the schedule? MLB releases their schedules before the prior season is over some years and they have twice as many games.

Or a valid comparison is the NBA which has pretty much the same length; they have outright stated this year they will release their schedule on July 25th at 7 pm eastern time; meaning their fans aren't in the dark, they're not hovering around websites hoping it will pop up. They communicated with their fans when to expect it. Now you'd think the NHL would jump on that and try and crank their schedule out earlier in hopes that some fans of both leagues will plan on the NHL first since their schedule is out first. But of course that would require competent management from the NHL office.
Has the NBA considering shutting down their season for a few weeks so their players can play in the Olympics? Secondly, this is a very ridiculous argument. People are going to plan for NHL or NBA against the other over whose schedule is out first? NHL schedule is out first every year. Has that helped the NHL put a dent in the NBA's popularity?

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