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07-19-2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Yeah, and both have their likelihoods: a fact you didn't consider in your argument. It's not inconsequential either, when you're predicting a value which is already sky high to be even higher 5 years from now.

Every scenario has a risk and a reward associated with it. The risk of the bridge contract was that Subban was going to put up a ******** season and break the bank. That much is absolutely going to happen. Bergevin's wager didn't hit. This is also completely ignoring the other factors that went into this negotiation which may influence Subban's decision to sign an offer sheet. Yeah yeah, nothing personal, just business. We'll see. Business seemed to have a different meaning for Desharnais than it did Subban.

This point has nothing to do with you, but I thought I'd bring it up: some people have made the argument that this deal will be cheaper in the long run positing much the same scenario as you just did. Some of those people in turn have made the argument that the low-ball offer caused Subban to go super srs and win a Norris trophy. The implication is that this wouldn't have happened if we gave him a contract resembling his contribution to the team to date. However, this is never factored into the analysis. Subban always ends up signing an 8 million dollar contract just to make the argument work. It's ********.
I don't think the bridge deal influenced the season Subban had in any way really. Maybe a little. I don't know how anyone can really define that. All I know is that Subban is a self-motivated player and the season he had this year is just a natural progression from a player who's grown by leaps and bounds every year since he was drafted. If the Norris trophy wasn't coming this year, it wouldn't be too far behind.

Either way, I think the point i'm trying to make is that I don't think the money Subban will make will impact anything. I don't equate salary renumeration with performance on the ice.

I couldn't careless what Subban makes as a salary. I don't think it impacts a damn thing on the ice.

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