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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post

I'm a strong believe in bridge deals, specially with franchise players, it allows you to control the player for a lot longer.

The issue I would have had with signing PK to a 5 year 25M deal is that when it was up he would be able to walk as a UFA at the age of 27-28, and even if he re-signed the following years are going to be REAL expensive, since you are only buying UFA years . With a bridge deal, it also you to eat atleast 2-3 RFA years on that 3rd contract to lower the average.

Yes had Bergevin given Subban a 5 year 25M it would have cheaper longterm, but it really isnt LONGTERM he really only buys 3 years of Subban at a decent price, but pays him more in the first 2 years...but he'll end paying for it when Subban deal comes up after that 5 year deal.

If there was ever a case where you really really a player and want to skip the bridge contract, it should be for a max deal, not a 5 year deal, taking Subban into his mid 20's and eating only 1 UFA year.

very true. well said

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