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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
The only thing that I have in common with those people is that we all have vaginas. No skin off my back if they want to be mental midgets.

Full disclosure, I didn't listen to the bit yet so I might change my mind, but in general, that's how I look at it.
Did you know Seguin got traded to the Dallas Stars?
Who are the Dallas Stars?
A hockey team in Dallas
I thought Dallas was a football state
*facepalm* lolz

Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Ah yes, anonymous girl on Toucher and Rich saying he's her favourite because she's partied with him and he's always out in the "industry" is your idea of confirmation....

Yet same anonymous girls has no idea Seguin was even traded, and for some reason thinks Dallas is a football "state".

If that's all the proof you needed, there was a poster in the "Reaction to Seguin/Eriksson trade?" who knows a bartender who saw Seguin out in the bars all the time "brawlin"... Tyler Seguin the brawler even. This type of information being regurgitated by people as "proof" and/or "confirmation" is the problem.

See earlier post about wanting to believe the negative too badly.
And the first thing Seguin does after shutting down his twitter is get on Instagram... *eyeroll* Why do you feel the need to defend Seguin?. So he partied too much. Duh, and how many 21 year olds don't party? Just deal with the fact that sometimes where there's smoke, in this case a lot of smoke, there's fire.

This led to Seguin's twitter getting shut down:

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