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07-19-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I suppose I am not clearly illustrating my point well enough or that it keeps getting brushed over.

Fact is its well documented I wanted George out of here YEARS ago. Fact is I strongly was not in favor of the Cap trap and still blame him for making BB go that route even though its only speculation.

However fact is he WASN'T fired.

Since then I have generally liked his moves. Trading flash for Hannan was strong on paper but didn't work out great. Getting Brouwer. Drafting Wilson and all the little moves he made last year.

The guy is on an UPWARD trajectory in my book.

You have a money pit of a car that you refuse to get rid of over years and years and it sucks. Finally you are getting around to fixing all the problems and NOW suddenly you want to dump it?

At this point I don't care what he did 5 years ago. I don't care that his drafting was atrocious pre lockout. Its the path he is on now. I believe he has slowly put the right idea together.

Its like breaking in a young player and giving him chance after chance only to find he sucks or hasn't developed the way you like. Suddenly the light seems to be turning on for him after years. The lynch mob forms at an inopportune time and decides this player, despite figuring things out, has a poor body of work and wants him out.
What happened years ago is a predictor of what happens today.

I understand your points. It seems you don't understand mine.

It doesn't matter what "course of action" George takes, Bob. The end result is always the same. I fully get that you like this new tact, as I mentioned in the post you quoted. So due to that, you don't see the bigger picture, as I am outlining for you.

You like analogies. Here is one for you.

The same author, who has shown to be a poor constructor of characters, themes, and development, has written 5 loved the first one, due to substance, but the ending sucked. The next 4 have been awful to poor, and have a commonality that just doesn't work. So, you don't like the books, and don't like the author as he just isn't good at his overall craft (he caught lightening in a bottle on that first book, and everyone loved seller as he got lucky telling someone else's story).

Now he writing his 6th book, and its about something you really like, and appreciate. Are you telling me that this author is going to change himself and suddenly become a good author simply because he finally found a topic you like and understand?

I'm guessing NO.

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