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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
What happened years ago is a predictor of what happens today.

I understand your points. It seems you don't understand mine.

It doesn't matter what "course of action" George takes, Bob. The end result is always the same. I fully get that you like this new tact, as I mentioned in the post you quoted. So due to that, you don't see the bigger picture, as I am outlining for you.

You like analogies. Here is one for you.

The same author, who has shown to be a poor constructor of characters, themes, and development, has written 5 loved the first one, due to substance, but the ending sucked. The next 4 have been awful to poor, and have a commonality that just doesn't work. So, you don't like the books, and don't like the author as he just isn't good at his overall craft (he caught lightening in a bottle on that first book, and everyone loved seller as he got lucky telling someone else's story).

Now he writing his 6th book, and its about something you really like, and appreciate. Are you telling me that this author is going to change himself and suddenly become a good author simply because he finally found a topic you like and understand?

I'm guessing NO.
Just because you fail doesn't mean you will continue to do so. People learn and evolve. At one point Lebron and Steve Yzerman were total chokers ripped apart by any and everyone.

Then they had success and they are hailed as greats.

You can indeed fail, and fail often, and then succeed.

Batman didn't get out of the pit until after multiple tries!! Just because he didn't make it the first couple times doesn't mean he won't ever make it.

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