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07-19-2013, 02:33 PM
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One thing i do enjoy is strategy of making rookies and prospects getting time with the habs or pushing for prospects to get time in the AHL.

What this leads to is that our prospects are getting watched by other teams scouts, giving (some) more value. Speaking of tinordi, Gallagher, beaulieu, etc, more to come this year given we are still relativly lacking depth.
So when time comes MB can pull trigger on Bobby ryan situation.
This gives us, IMO, possible future trade possibilities.

Given our team is at least 2 years from possibility of becoming a contender, hard for MB to **** up, unless he loses key players / makes some bad trades/ screws up development of some players.

MB still has, IMO another year of showcasing our youth before he starts cleaning up that department for some "ballsier" moves.

So far MB has made more mistakes then positives, but mistakes are fairly minor, so one big positive will neutralize them negative ones. Mostly DD, handling of PK, hiring of MT.
Im aware most will disagree, mostly because of small sample success of last season. But anyone with less of a results oriented approach to judging the habs can see past the high finish in a half season.

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