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07-19-2013, 02:17 PM
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Are you the best player on a team of novices? Being part of the team means backing off, helping others improve, and storing your ego at the bottom of your gear bag.

Are you a shaky player on a team in a competitive league? Being part of the team means giving up your minutes in key moments of big games.

No matter what, if you aren't looking out for the other guy's minutes in a low-level beer league, don't come around selling "for the team!" BS. Sorry, not buying it. Likewise, don't pull some "I paid just as much..." crap if you're too out of shape to give 100% through your minutes.

Asking someone to sit a shift in hopes that you can gain everyone another playoff game is reasonable. On the other hand, when a player gets upset enough to cause a scene, it's probably been bubbling up for a while.

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