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07-19-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Faithful67 View Post
That's fine if he wants to be Comish so be it. I've been in this league since season one. I ran this league as best as I could!! We have been talking about NHL 14 since November and we all said I would be Comish and players from day 1 will get first dibs at what team they want!! You joined this league a month a go half the people in here joined since season 1 hence why I told everyone I will still be Comish in NHL 14 just so they know I'm not leaving the game for good!! The respect I showed was more that what I could have done I could have just not said anything and not care right??? But I put so much effort as did everyone else in this league did. And to let it die is ridiculous!! I understand I didn't sim I. A while I'm sorry but I tried!! It take like 10 mins to sim sometimes.
It's all good man. It was just a suggestion as it seemed lately you didn't care too much shout this league. In 2014 there will also be a summertime, my thought was that if you are too busy this summer we may have the same issue as this summer. It sucks when a league dies. You did manage o keep this one going. Thanks for that. I only want a bit of communication regarding sims. Married guys like myself have to negotiate when we can come online to play. It sucks having to argue with my wife to play then to hop on and the League is mostly dead without at explanation.

I hade also been here from the beggining. Not just the last month or so. Different name and handle. I gave my Xbox away when I moved and bought one a month later.