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10-31-2006, 01:26 AM
Kirk Muller
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Originally Posted by Reiher View Post
please elaborate where? I worked at a grocery store in yaletown and they paid ****all piss poor ****. I refuse to ever work retail again.

On another note, I too just watch the habs games at home. But I do see quite a few habs hats or jerseys around, it's pretty far from being a habless supporting province. Though I'm glad I still live at home, housing is bloody murder out here.

Without giving out free advertising and too much info, our grocery staff can make upwards of 24 bucks an hour, if they are full time, they have full dental/medical, pension plan, a shares/investment program. Knowing some of our competition, i know many of them are similiar, unless say you are a sprawl mart.I know our vendors, which i am sure you can use your imagination who i am referring to, the guys who come in and fill shelves and place orders again are making like 25 an hour.

I know cashiers at a certain pharmacy are making close 20 buck an hour as well. If you work at a warehouses for many of these large chains, again i know many guys making over 20 an hour.

Also, retail is not for everyone. Hell its not even for me, i am just hanging in their getting some experience. Trust me, theres lots out there

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