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07-19-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Faithful67 View Post
All good fair enough. Friends?? yeah I'm 21 and not married so I see where your coming from!!

Sorry to everyone for letting the league bleed out a little. Game 8 will be Comish and chances are it will be the same for me next summer Iso Game 8 if want to be Comish you can!
Thanks Bud I appreciate it! We should move this around if necessary just to keep things flowing if one person is busy! Also I would like to see the decisions on the league made by the majority, there have been a few proposals out there as to how we start NHL 14, why dont we see what the majority prefers? I like the idea of having dibs on my old team as well but this should be a democracy or as close as it can be to one for it to work the best!

Guys I will Sim tonight and Sunday, by Sunday I should have the revised sim schedule up to reflect some of the days we have lost!

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