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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Important? Yet to be determined, but plausible.
I said they look to have important roles. It's not guaranteed, but as things stand now, they figure to.

I thoroughly disagree that it is an identity builder. What identity has been built? Only 1 player from the draft has played a full NHL season. Seems a bizarre claim. If you're saying it was a builder in the sense that it sets the tone for what Tallon looks for, sure, but seems slightly irrelevant when discussing the merit of this draft on it's own.
Brickely is a write-off. If he becomes an NHL player, it's years away, and it's in a role which has very high turn over and a large pool to choose from.
It's not irrelevant. Do you think it's a coincidence that 4 of our first 6 picks that year were 6'2" or taller? And were all above 6'0"? And three of them were 6'4" or taller? It was Tallon's first draft. He was setting the foundation. He went heavy on size and character in 2010.

Yes, Brickley and even moreso Basaraba are longshots to make the NHL, and they fill a role that has a large pool to choose from, but Brickley could be an NHLer someday. Only three years have passed since the draft and you're already writing him off. If he finds a way to contribute to our organization, then it's not a wasted pick. And you can't just draft trying for top 6 forwards with every pick. Bottom 6 types that are developed within the organization are valuable too, namely because they are cheap. Also, who cares if he's years away? Since when is there a deadline? It's understood that most draft picks outside the 1st round are going to be years away.

I don't like the generic term boom/bust anymore. It completely negates any critical analysis of a player and his personality. If you want to select a player, or title him with DND, then have reasoning behind it, not some semantic and cliched tag like boom/bust. It's just a tag fans without enough information use.

I don't know what you're talking about here. The term boom/bust will continue to be used by GM's, scouts, and experts. Who cares if it's cliché? It continues to be used because it makes sense. Quinton Howden is a safe prospect. Rocco Grimaldi is a boom/bust prospect. Howden was thought to be a likely NHLer when he was drafted. And as of right now, it's pretty safe to say he will be an NHLer. Grimaldi has certain qualities, some of which are out of his hands, that make him much less likely of a bet to be a longtime NHLer. He'll either be a top6/9 scorer, or he won't be in the NHL. He won't be able to adapt to a bottom 6 defensive/grinding role. It really has little to do with personality. It's usually more of a playing style, and sometimes mother nature that makes a prospect boom/bust.

Petrovic is promising indeed. Will be interesting to track his progression in the NHL.

Brittain has qualities, but is so far away. Missing 2 years of development in this position is really unfortunate. The odds are against him.
I agree that it will be an uphill battle for Brittain, but you can't say it was a bad pick. Some factors have hindered his development that were out of his control. He still looks like a decent prospect. I think we should just take a wait and see approach this season with him. We'll be able to much better assess him in a year.

It would be entitely accurate to say we haven't had much success. I'm not going to find the brief study i did (it's available via search if you want) but i can assure you Panther drafts (and the later rounds) have seen an absolutely abysmal return.

If we teniously include 2009, the best picks outside the 1st round (which itself has been a "interesting") since 2000 are Kamil Kreps, Ivan Majesky (GMs not with florida), Greg Campbell, Evgeny Dadonov, Michal Repik, David Booth and Drew Shore. Booth comfortably the best and Campbell the only other certified durable NHL'er.

Gayduchenko is emerging now as a KHL starter. He's not an NHL player now and needs further development to realistically become NHL quality. Clutching at straws.

Wade Megan has 13 professional games. Far too early to call, and if that is the measurement of late round success .... i'm sorry, what happened saturday night, because I GOT ********* HAMMERED.

Knight is promising. Well be interesting to see how his career develops in Calgary.
Oh I'm sure we've have an abysmal late round draft history with the nightmare drafts we had in the late 90's/early 2000's. I'm just saying I don't think we can look at our late round picks from 2010 and declare it "just another Panthers draft" yet. And even if none of them turn into anything, we have had what looks to be a little bit of recent success in the late rounds(for late round picks). Unless you expect a team to pull a Zetterberg or Datsyuk out of the late rounds every couple years. Being more realistic, I think we have done a decent(not good) job lately. Gaiduchenko may not be a bluechip prospect, but he's still a starter in the 2nd best league in the world, and has been for a couple years. He would obviously have some adaptations to make if he were to come over to North America and have success(which he won't), but it would be no different from most European goalies that come over and try their hand in North America.

Megan and Knight are obviously anything but proven yet, and are just embarking on their professional careers. Is it a sin to say they look promising so far, like they could possibly contribute to an NHL roster one day? I find it funny that you have such strict guidelines on this, considering you are so quick to write off Brickley. Megan is a projectable bottom six forward who had a pretty decent college career. Knight was a top 10 NCAA scorer last season and was highly sought after when it was made known he wouldn't sign with us. They look like decent late round picks so far, that's all. Which is all you can say only 3 years out from a draft.

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