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07-19-2013, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Let me ask you this then. Besides Subban how can play 25min a night against more or less top opposition and finish top-5 in D scoring? Are you counting on a 23 year old Beaulieu to do that

Let's assume Eller can adequately replace Plekanec, who will be our 3rd line center that can produce at a 0.65 ppg rate with hardly any PP time?

As you said we don't even know if Collberg can be an NHLer but if he or another prospect can't come in and score 25-30 goals and be a good two-way player then we are taking a step back when we lose Gionta.

Also Subban is the reigning Norris champ, he'll likely improve with experience but not by much, same goes for Pacioretty he's lead our teams in points for 2 seasons now, he's a 60-70pt player. He's not going to be much better than he is right now. Without a change in role Eller's not going to be able to do more than what he's currently giving either.

Does the team have flaws, absolutely but none of them will be addressed in 2 years by the development of our prospects unless one of them takes a massive leap in their development which is unlikely.

Care to tell me what you think our team is lacking in order to make a strong playoff push?
A top line C, I love pleky but gally is gonna be a huge improvement on him, Gallgher will be an upgrade on gionta. Tinordi has shown he can play at the NHL level already so it's not a stretch to think he can play top 4 in 3 years. As you said Eller might not be an improvement on our 1st line like pleky but he's a damn improvement to DD on the second. We are missing a top 4, minute eater who clears the crease and a large top 6 gritty forward who will open up the ice for his linemates. If you can find a way to acquire this without giving up the players you want to use as a core and the youth that surrounds them tell me how and ill glady be okay with those moves.

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