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07-19-2013, 08:38 PM
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Very well written, good topic and a good read.
Unfortunately, only time will tell.

I think MB has been ballsy, its easy to throw around draft picks for bandaid solutions. Its easy to make a big move to make a splash as the new GM, of course it would mean massively overpaying. Its easy to throw every nickel of Cap room you have at the 33 year old whatever UFAs. It takes balls to stand by what you think will make this team a contender in future.

I say only time will tell because there is no question teams, all teams, need to make some trades, even ones that are building through the Draft. Its pretty much impossible to amass all the pieces you need through drafting. What you need from the Draft are a collection of really good pieces that gives you at least the basis of a core. You also need to build up depth, and that's when you can make moves. If you are deep at center you move a center with a prospect to get you that right winger you need.
Right now we are building depth. Besides Tinordi and Nathan B we have so many D prospects that are good enough to make it to Hamilton you would figure a couple could be NHL quality. That's a lot of depth. On top of that is the center situation. If, if DD gets his A game back then we could have options there as well.

I actually think we have enough D depth now in PMDs that we could make a move. Thing is you don't know whats been happening backstage. Maybe MB did try to get Coburn and Simmonds from Holmgren but the price was Patches, Gallagher, Tinordi and Nathan B. We likely will never know. But that is why I say time will tell. Its one thing if over this off-season MB didn't see a trade he thought was good for the team, but if he cant find one over a year and a half, then you have to start being concerned about MB being too passive and not getting that you just cant do it through the Draft. Or if you see Coburn and Simmonds moved and we do our math and could have done that deal with the assets we have and the price was alright, then we can also wonder.

And by the way, no issue with him not being willing to pay the price of moving up because it all depends on price. The guess is he wanted Morin, but what is Morin worth ? I think it would have been a given we were offering up the 25th ( McCarron ), the 34th or 36th ( DLR ) and maybe he was offering a good prospect like Nathan B and a 3rd. Many would say that is too much already, likely the target team wanted more. MB walked. Again, who knows ?
All I know is that though their have been a couple of moves I wondered about, MB still has my full confidence. None of the moves that I kind of squirmed with are ones that can have bad implications for the team medium or long term. I also don't know if they were actually bad to begin with, only this coming season will tell.

We need to give MB time. I know, it sucks, we want instant gratification. Im not saying he has a 3 year leash in terms of advancing the team to its goal, but its still early yet. Lets all remember though that BG wanted to build through the Draft, then proceeded to dump lots of assets for 0 return because of attitude issues and mostly because the little dictator JM wouldn't play these kids where they needed to play ( take deep breathe ), and then in a fireworks display out of complete desperation blew the team up. Gee, that was fun. Suck it up, let MB do his thing.

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