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Originally Posted by Habsfannick View Post
I can't get more clear than I have been, everyone here agrees this team isn't ready... I love the "that's 2 players, not exactly a whole lot" comment because just cause they are out there doesn't mean they want to come here and incase you weren't aware those guys don't grow on trees... Don't have to look far the leafs just signed one to a disgusting contract, if you think the habs are better off signing guys to the caphits and contract lengths that Clarkson and Horton got right now, than I don't have anything else to talk to you about because that's insanity
They may not grow on trees but you make it sounds like it's impossible. There were 6-7 guys available so nearly a quarter of the teams were able to get one. It's the GMs job to sell his team to potential suitors, if he can't find a way to do that then it's a problem.

As far as term & caphits, just because someone is overpaid doesn't mean he won't help the team. Chicago overpaid to get Campbell and he helped them win a cup. LA took on some pretty bad terms when they got Richards and Carter, but they don't win the cup without them.

If you can get good players on cheaper deals then you can afford to overpay for the missing pieces. For instance if we had the foresight to sign Subban to 5m a year then we would be able to overpay a UFA by 2-3m without worrying.

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