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Originally Posted by JohnnyB11 View Post
It's pretty obvious that in most UFA situations, money talks. It's not fair to say, for example, that MB didn't do his job well enough because he couldn't land Clarkson when TO had that insane contract on the table. It's all abut the money, and even if the player is unsure you can bet his agent is pushing him to where the money is too. You sell your team to the player mainly by putting up the big dough.

And say what you want about Subban - whether he's your favorite player or not signing him to a long-term deal going in to last season would have been irresponsible. It ends up that it would have worked out, but it till would have been reckless. I refuse to look at the GM negatively for that. And who knows how Subban's year would have played out had he signed a bigger contract - he may have lost his motivation and not performed like he did. And then all the talk wold be how stupid the GM for handing him the load of cash before he had proven he deserved it.

Being the GM of the Montreal Canadiens is not a job for the faint hearted, for sure.
Well the poster I responded to claimed maybe they didn't want to sign with us at all which comes down to selling the team to the player. But I agree money talks. For all the flak T.O gets it's still only basically 1m difference between him and Briere. If we are going to overpay for someone might as well get one that addresses a need and hasn't already started to decline.

I don't want to turn this into a Subban thread, so you can read my posts in that thread. Suffice it to say that Subban was already a #1 D so was worth 5m even if he didn't improve at all. Worst case you end up doing what Boston did with Seguin.

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