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sorry bro

Originally Posted by CS View Post
Sharp wasn't in the last decade...

Also keep in mind that there are two factors working against the Flyers as we get more modern in draft class...those factors also happen to be working against the entire NHL making for less and less talent discovered in later rounds...

1) the expansion era has added more picks to each round making the draft longer by the end meaning that later picks end up being legitimately being even later picks because of the era

2) with more modern technology in the modern era of hockey, the scouting process has also improved making the draft more top heavy. think about the technology that was just coming out a decade ago...**** think about the technology that was just coming out 5 years ago.

So even if the number of players the Flyers are finding in later rounds is significantly less than 20-30 years ago, it is the same exact way across the board in the NHL.
you are running in circles. you can love homer all you want. again were are his success outside the first round.

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