Thread: News Article: Arron Asham on Torts and his future
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07-19-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
like usual, you cherry pick parts of my post and make it like that is my main premise. which it was not. yes, his brand of hockey was boring. is that even in question ?

and yes jon, i cannot overlook torts in totality. he was the sum of all his parts. part clown. part jerk. part snarky smartass. part bad in game coach. part micro manager. part stubborn stuck in the 90's oldschooler and lastly, part of, if not most of, the problem with this team looking unprepared, outclassed and clueless on many nights.

torts was like the bobby knight of the nhl sans the winning championships. i dont take knight seriously either. another pompous, arrogant, no boundaries goofball.

and i hated the devils style of play. it was impossible to watch. trap trap trap. score 1 maybe 2 goals and trap your opponent to death.

unwatchable. hockey.

big difference though jon.... lemaires teams wons cups.... johnny boys nyr teams... not so much.
Lemaire has won the same # of cups as Tortorella has; one(1).

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