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01-10-2004, 04:09 PM
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I agree fw, if anything is going to have us win and play well with our current staff it is going to be an all out hard core following of the trap system. Taking away the nuetral zone takes away our opponents skill players speed and clogging the passing lanes in our own end makes it more difficult for them to get quality scoring chances.

With a healthy roster I might see it differently but as it is, the trap could really make us stay competitive.

Our better than average assets are,

Frolov, Straka, Luc, Klatt, Matty and Lubo. Our slightly better than average at the moment ones are Ebell, Army, Stumpel, Avery, Camms, Lappy, Modry and our average but able staff fill the rest of the roster. With that lot we should be able to compete and win as long as we follow religiously the trap game. I would have us watch the Wild during last years playoffs. When we play our best, that is what our system looks like. (without the checking but one thing at a time) We have more over all talent then they did at the time and if we stuck to that game plan then I feel we can be better than allot of teams and beat any team that doesn't play us with discipline and patients.

Of course, I am getting bloody well bled out for my points of view (sad that nobody were willing to actually pm me and ask my take) but as a man its beans and sauce to me mates. In the end, I see myself and the rest of us here as Kings fans and at the end of the day, I will take hanging out chatting with a Kings fan who don't like me over having a chat with most anyone else.


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