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07-20-2013, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I do not get the "he could be a bust" comments at all. Why are folks saying that - because he's 6-5? Makes no sense whatsoever. Again - he is nothing like Jessiman - good hands and a decent skater, good sense...unless he gets injured this guy is a lock to play in the NHL for a long, long time time.

He is an A or B prospect at worst.
People will believe what they want, Grant.

I will gladly take your report and the reports of many other scouts over what some people in here say, 11 times out of 10 and twice on Sunday, especially when all you scouts are pretty much saying the same things about McCarron. I haven't gotten the chance to watch much of him so my opinion is based on the scouts' opinion but I have seen highlights of his play. For a big man, his skating is good and that right there is reassuring. If you are that big and have AT LEAST skating that is on par with everyone else, that is something to feel good about. His hands are good, as you said and his shot is decent. For me, what I love most about McCarron is his work down low. During the highlights videos, I would often see players running into him in attempt to knock him off the puck. Instead, they'd bounce off him like a rubber wall and tumble to the ice. He makes players that are 6'0, 6'1 look small and look weaker than they actually are. Plus, I love his nose for the net and how he takes pucks from the corners and makes a bee-line for the slot.

He's going to learn a lot in London, tone his skills, learn to play both aggressive AND smart and drop the gloves every now and then. I agree he will be an NHL'er for a very long time, barring injury, and could see it happening within 2-3 years time.

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