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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
Are they broke?

Blackhawk fans should know that things can turn around. Think about the dismal attendance THEY had just a few short years ago (See: 6 years). Now they have the Cup. Sure everyone can crap on the Coyotes all they want, but once the sale closes and there is stable ownership and marketing, there is nowhere but up to go.

The game and players have changed. If you are a relocationist, you want this to fail but as each day goes by it looks more and more positive the team stays where they belong.

Yes LeBlanc has is quirks but at least he has passion. That has been lacking in this market for many years. I think it's part of puzzle that hasn't been considered.

It's all coming together now, finally. The negativity and wishful thinking of a referendum or lawsuit is entertaining at this point. I love that this still bothers so many people.

Go Coyotes.
Leblanc is a broke fool with big dreams. Ownership groups never work, especially when one/two of the shareholders want to run things their way, watch them implode. Your wishful thinking that this is over and the team is staying for good is more entertaining than the referendum or lawsuit. Obviously you haven't been following this saga.

Are you suggesting that the Coyotes will win the cup?! Don't compare the Coyotes to the Blackhawks. Two very different cities, two very different teams. The problem with Chicago was the product on the ice, it was never a money/ownership issue. Fans in Chicago don't want to see their team lose. That isn't the case in Glendale, also the cost of the product, fans in Chicago pay more than those in Arizona. Fact.

C'mon man, they blew their best chance in 16 years 2 years ago. RSE has an out clause that can be easily activated in 5 years, the Coyotes can't afford to wait another 14 years for a shot at the playoffs, and cup run. And for the record even with an ownership (they are by NO means stable), this could get sour very easily, very quickly. Have you forgotten what happens when the CoG runs out of money and files for Bankruptcy? Bye bye Coyotes.

I get loving your team, but when do you cut the losses, remove the amber coloured glasses, smell the salts, and realize that this deal is absolutely-freaking-terrible in terms of business deals.

Originally Posted by hisgirlfriday View Post
Something I find interesting about that AG investigation is that apparently the AG's office sent the letter to COG on July 2 that there were concerns about the serial meetings. So they may have got this letter about possible open meetings violations BEFORE the July 2 vote to approve the deal with RSE.
I don't think we have heard the last of the authorities. Just counting the days until someone files a civil lawsuit.

For the record, the team will stay for this season (save for moving during the olympic break?) but this will be a lame duck season.

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