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07-20-2013, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
Question for you guys: How do you think this team performs with a Carey Price playing to his potential?
Price crapped the bed down the stretch but wasn't bad in the playoffs. Certainly he could've been better though.

One thing that I see a lot with our club is that even if Price makes the first stop, we don't have a group that's great at clearing the rebounds. We're definitely too small up front and everyone knows that. But we really need some help defensively on the back end. I don't know what happened to Gorges last year but man he has to go back to normal. We've really thrown Price to the wolves and while he was great for most of the year, once he turned to crap we don't have a blueline to bail him out. If he plays mediocre this team is in trouble.

As for Price, not worried about him. If he does crap the bed though and plays like he did in the last few weeks of the regular season we're in big trouble because we don't have much behind him. He comes into this season with something to prove. He can't have another meltdown and it's crucial that he gets off to a good start.

Would've been nice for MB to get him some help though.
Originally Posted by bsl View Post
LG in principle I agree with you, as usual, and you are in the group here that is cup oriented, not the group that is 'make the PO and anything can happen', oriented.

However I remind you that Bergy has two mandates from Molson: Build, but compete as well. Briere is about competing now, and I think he will help in that respect. But I won't be too excited about his miracle comeback 30 goal season, as it will mean nothing toward our cup window. He's simply too old.

The real question is: Does the Briere signing damage the building toward the cup window with our young core? I would say no. The term is short, the money is reasonable, and Briere will bring some leadership and veteran knowledge to the young guys who will be in the window. I have no problem with the Breire signing.

Your reply might be that Briere's ice time prevents important development of youth. And that is a risk, I agree. But I can see him accepting a 3rd line role if required in year 2. Unless he's a total *******, which I doubt.
Okay, nevermind the argument that he hurts our youth. Let's say he's irrelevant on that front.

I still don't see why we needed to get this guy. Molson wants a competitive team? We were good enough as is to make the playoffs. Add in a PF and/or shutdown guy (two things we really needed) and all of a sudden we're in much better shape.

Briere to me was a total window dressing move. Same kind we've seen for years. We go after big game, GM comes up empty and then decides he has to do SOMETHING to show that he doesn't have his thumb up his ass so he gets a Samsonov or something...

I realize that Bobby Ryans (who is big but not really a PF btw) aren't easy to get. I wouldn't blast MB for not being able to get him as several teams I'm sure made pitches. But I look at Ottawa and they've gotten Turris and Ryan. If they can pull off this kind of move why can't we? Both are talented young players with upside. Both are guys that we should've been going after. But we always wind up with the same kind of player: Samsonov, Tanguay, Kaberle, Gomez, Bourque, Gionta, Cole... Guys past their prime, most are small or it's a problem child who they wanted to get rid of.

Anyways, we don't get a PF. Fine. But go get a shutdown blueliner. That is not that hard to get. Instead we get something that we don't need... We get something that makes our biggest weakness worse.

Maybe Tinordi's the guy and he'll be awesome. Maybe Gorges bounces back... But I don't see why we wouldn't add a shutdown guy in that lineup. The blueline looks ugly to me.

As for Briere, maybe he'll bounce back. Maybe he's got something left in the tank. But even if he does, it doesn't really help us in the grand scheme of things. We have no balance up front. We already have another small center who eats up easy minutes, why get this guy? I've cut that trade up to death, no need to do it more here. But that move was a real head scratcher...

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