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07-20-2013, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by The Palm Isle View Post
I would love to hear the details behind Mike Emrick getting the axe from the Flyers back in the early 90s. I know his contract was up, and I think that's when they brought Gene Hart back for that 2 or 3 year stint, but he has strongly alluded in interviews to being shocked and/or somehow mistreated on his way out the door.

For the record, I'm a big Emrick fan and am happy to see him getting (mostly) props for his national work the last few years.
The Flyers wanted an announcer who would be identified with the organization. Emrick wanted an escape for certain Flyers' games to do national broadcasts not limited to hockey. IIRC, he was scheduled to do lacrosse or indoor soccer, too and also was an NFL announcer and involved with the Olympics. Ron Ryan was the Flyers' point man at the time negotiating such contracts. Salary was part of the dispute, too, which isn't uncommon for such ventures but the Flyers wanted a dedicated announcer for the schedule not someone who would be granted exceptions. Emrick held a grudge later when the Flyers said Hart was a more enthusiastic PxP caller and with that belief Hart returned to TV (as Emrick's replacement) from radio. It led to a shuffling of broadcasters. Bobby Taylor, Hart's PxP caller on TV and then radio, left the team and joined Tampa Bay TV where I think he is still employed. Hart struggled in his return as he aged and was eventually replaced by Jim Jackson.

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