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07-20-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
you cite the kings as "LA built much of its core through great draft picks, but then made two major deals trading big assets for Carter and Richards." we don't have the schenn, the johnson, the morrow, the silferberg, in short, we do not have any highly desirable assets to trade away.

it's honestly that simple. once we amass quality, near NHL ready prospects, then you will see GMMB make trades.

not aimed at you, but people always *****ing that bergevin isn't making trades well you need two GMs to dance so to speak and no one wants our trash.

"why didn't we get ryan? waaaaa!"

well we don't have what ottawa sent away, plain and simple.
Like I said, won't slam MB for not getting Ryan but we absolutely have pieces to trade.

Again, it's about picking a direction and sticking with it. You rebuild or you go for it. You don't sit in the middle of the road and try to do both. We're packed with prospects. If we didn't want to trade one, we could deal a first. We have vets that we can deal, we have prospects.

It's not like Ottawa sent a Galchenyuk back the other way.

We came into this summer looking like we were getting closer. Galchenyuk looked like the real deal. Price, Max, Subban all coming into their prime now... We have holes but we looked like with a couple of moves we could get closer. Ryan would've been perfect for us. Not overly physical, not really a PF, but a big body who can score. Imagine we put him with Galchenyuk and Gallagher. Max plays on another line with Eller or Plecs. All of a sudden our forwards are looking really, really good.

Don't know if MB tried for Ryan, but I didn't feel like Ottawa gave up the farm to get him. And if we included a future 1st rounder we'd leave the lineup intact. Instead, we put ourselves further away...

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