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07-20-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by cobra427 View Post
What I am saying is, the outcome, Coyotes staying and the transaction closing by August 5th, will not be affected by an AG inquiry or the outcome of that inquiry.

I come in peace, hoping you can enlighten us a little.
First: I agree that the Coyotes will be staying, especially this year.
Second: I also agree that the transaction will close

However, I wonder what recourse the AG office has if they determine that the CoG CC violated the open meeting rule and/or the 24 hour rule. I don't know. I personally find it likely that both were violated. Whether the AG decides to do anything, and what they could do is the question.

For example, for those of us who enjoy the "what next" part of this story: Can the AG invalidate the lease? Or, can they take it a court which could invalidate the lease?

If so, let's say the court invalidates the lease, and puts a restraining order on CoG negotiating with LeBlanc in the future. What then?

Anyway, my question really is: What action can the Az AG take if they determine that CoG has violated open meeting law, and 24 hour law? Thank you.

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