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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I think we overachieved but not for any of the reasons that you mentioned. It is very common for teams to over achieve for the first half of the season but then crash back to earth in the second half (see the Laffs)......we simply may have been saved by the bell.

The other reason is one that I haven't heard mentioned yet, but should have been, is our schedule.

There weren't any Western Conference teams on it.....The same conference where the teams are bigger, more physical and generally should provide a tough matchup for the smallest team in the league.

Just because we overachieved doesn't necessarily rule out further improvements this season as the core of this team is young and talented. With the blessing of good health and multiple youngsters taking steps forward in their development (especially Price) we could actually improve and potentially win the conference. While this isn't likely it can't be ruled out with the amount of parity that exists in the league. Unfortunately this can also work against us if things go wrong and start to snowball.
We had a pretty good record against tough teams like Toronto & Boston. And because the schedule was condensed you could argue that it's just as tough. Also no team in the East had to go up against the "big bad" West so we all had the same advantages, do you really think we are the only team that benefits from not having long grueling road trips out West?

Teams that start off hot and then run out of steam are usually either riding a players hot streak or lady luck. Teams that get regularly outshot but still win games are the ones that are primed for a second half drop. We consistently out played the opposition last year so it was unlikely to have happened to us (Depending on injuries of course).

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