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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
If we overachieved last year, which players were the ones who overachieved to cause it? On paper the overachievers were Subban, Eller, Galcehnyuk, Gallagher, are these guys going to regress next year or the year after? They're the ones you are counting on too make us a contender in 2-3 years so it's unlikely. The only vet who you could argue overachieved was Markov, and that's more a case of not knowing how he would react to all his injuries then it is overachieving.

The biggest reason we finished 2nd was that for most of the season we had 2 number 1 Ds. Which means for 45+min a game we have a first pairing on the ice. The second biggest reason was that we had 3 lines that can score.

If you think in 3 years Beaulieu will be able to play 25min a night against tough competion and finish top-5 in scoring by defenceman you are out to lunch. That's a massive reach.

Tinordi is going to bring offence now, since when.

We already have Gallagher and Gio scoring around 25 goals right now. If Gallagher replaces Gio, who replaces Gallagher's role on the team right now.

Again we have both Galchenyuk and Plekanec. If Galchenyuk replaces Plekanec who replaces the 50pts or so that Galchenyuk can give us from the third line?

It's clear you think almost every prospect will reach their potential and will do so within a few years of making the NHL. That's simply not going to happen, go back and look at what people said about our prospects 5 years ago when we were ranked top-5 by HF, look at the lineups people posted with Higgins, D'Agostini, the Kostitsyns, etc... and count how many are still on our team. We have a good veteran cast and great young group. We need to strike before our veterans start to decline and preferably while are young guys are still on cheap contracts. That gives us the best opportunity.
Individual stats in a team game give a very incomplete picture. I think a lot of things just fell in to place for the Habs last season, and they benefitted from a shortened season and scheduling.

As far as being totally out to lunch in projecting Beaulieu into a Markov replacement in 3 years time, I disagree. One needs to look no further than PK Subban. I doubt there were many who were predicting 3 years ago that he would rise to where he is now. Yet there he is, Norris Trophy winner. Beaulieu may or may not pan out as well as we hope, but it's not ludicrous at all to think that at some point he may be able to fill Markov's shoes.

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