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10-31-2006, 10:47 AM
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IF you play under USA hockey then you can not proceede the puck into the crease nor have a team mate in it. As Gino said. There are also two officials on the ice for most games. They can converse. I have seen several instances where one indicated a goal as the other was raising the whistle to blow the play dead and have a face off outside the defensive zone.

If just one ref and he changed his call based on something that he did not see...not cool.

It is up to each player and the Coach to learn/teach and play the game with in the rules. Yeah, you tend to see how tight or loose a ref may call things but a crease violation isnt something arbitrary. That one is a given.

CAHA does not have such a rule but some locations DO PLAY IT. Check with your association as some do play with HOUSE rules.

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