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07-20-2013, 11:17 AM
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You could also argue that the reason humanity got so far is because it's never happy with what it has. It's not only Québec that's that way

Forums lets people say what they think with close to no filter. That's why it always looks a lot whinier than your average place.

But the gripe still stands. There is, however, no perfect player. And even if there was a perfect player, people would whine, saying HEY, WE DON'T NEED A FORWARD, WE NEED A D!

The closest to perfect player we ever drafted, Price, brought a lot of anger and whining, as I recall. Because he was a goalie. Best way to handle that is with beer and popcorn, and be entertained. And remember not to feel anger when someone is wrong on the internet

(I personally thing McCarron is a good pick, but unquestioningly a major gamble. It could pay off big and it could bomb spectacularily. And it's okay that way.)

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