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It depends if the captain is a "fair" captain. Like others have said, if the guy got benched every time they were down a goal or in the final minutes of the game, that's way more than "take one for the team".

A lot of you might say "yea, he should have sat" but part of the captain's job is make everyone feel they are important and part of the team regardless of their roles/skill. People should listen to the captain because they respect him and not because he wears a "C" or the best player on the ice. If the troubled player wanted to play because he felt he was getting mistreated, unimportant to the team, useless. That's on the captain.

The player has to "want" to give one up for the team and not because the captain said so.

There are selfish jerks out there but there seems to be more than meets the eye.

Play to win but dealing with losing is the most important aspect of the team. Helping teammates, building friendships, encouraging others? That makes you a better person.

Would you like someone to slash and break your $200 sticks because you were going to get a good shot? I don't think so.

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I agree with this completely. Hah if winning is the only thing then maybe you should have played that way as a midget and you'd be somewhere. But if that just isn't your skill level then you have to accept that your play has put you in a league where there might be guys where winning their 11pm on a Tuesday division 4 game isn't going to make or break their week.
exactly. no one is playing for a living here. Have fun, enjoy the competitiveness (to a level you're comfortable with) and make friends. Winning is a bonus and not a "need".

Even NHL coaches give 4th line players ice time during the final minutes of the game.

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