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A Team Of Destiny...

...or an incredible series of coincidences, accidents and other extraordinary occurrences that assisted the Kings to be built into what we have today, at the hands of Dean Lombardi.

Dean Lombardi works so hard that when favorable accidents occur, he's right there to reap the rewards. He's the anti-Jay Feaster.

Here's my list, so far, of all the amazing occurrences that helped build this team into the powerhouse it is today. List yours too and also feel free to list the events that screwed our development too.

NYR draft Hugh Jessiman...Kings have to "settle" for Dustin Brown.

Anze Kopitar is born big and tall, just Al Murray's type, yet is born in Slovenia instead of any number of nearby, "also little" countries that hockey people consider hockey hotbeds, causing him to fall in the draft to us.

Ilya Kovalchuk picks NJ instead (leaves NHL a few years later).
Brad Richards picks NYR instead (turns into a 3rd line center a few years later).
Ales Hemsky costs way too much, Tambo the Clown (now worth a fraction).
Ryan Smyth suddenly is homesick and asks for a trade, taking his huge anchor of a salary and his size 40 skates with him (few years later, he is barely a NHL player).
Thus opening the situation, causing the need, and making room room for us to acquire Jeff Carter, the King with the biggest increase in fandom love in LA.

Kings win one game too many, get the best player (IMO), best defenseman and best winner with the 2nd pick from the 2008 draft, and not possibly drafting Steven "shoot first, see teammates after" Stamkos.

Ed Snyder owns the Flyers, a few "opportune" pics and a lucky occurrence in the playoffs causes Chicago to win the Cup and the owner to make his GM trade Mike Richards.

Justin Williams gets injured one too many times and is way undervalued, is dealt for a flawed prospect (and later a 2nd is added) to the Kings in a three way deal. Now seen by many as straight up robbery. Neither of the other two teams gets much from the deal.

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