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07-20-2013, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
The thread topic fails to distinguish how old the 4-5 rookies might be and how much pro experience they may have serving in the ahl AND what roles they are given...obviously if a team loads in 4-5 rookies at 18 or 19 or 20 with no ahl experience or just 1 yr in the AHL and thrusts them all into top six forwards or top 4 d-men roles with lots of minutes. ..THEN expect plenty of losses..but if you instead are talking playing either a 2 yr AHL vet 21 or 22 already and a 4 yr college graduate also past that age and some other AHL vets with 2 or more seasons down there and 22 or older amd play only one of them on the second line, one on the third line, others only on the 4th line and mone of them in the top 6 D..then I think it is am entirely different story..does not mean all are ROTY candidayes..but they are no longer deer im the headlights mistake machines either..if they fail Q and his staff will not keep them around very long..Besides we have Handzus as insurance if Pirri fails to grab and hold his 2C opportunoty or if Leblanc also fails if Pirri fails and he too cannot grab the 2C in that case..So we are 3 chances of making that work..not to worry. Then as for Morin Hayes Smith...again one of 3 chances to fill for Stalberg on line 3 Or If Leblanc plays 3C you have Shaw in the RW spot on that line..So it is not that Morin must get perform well in the 3W spot because we can move Leblanc or Handzus to 3C and Shaw we know can play wing. AND HAYES or SMITH as 4th liners with limited minutes will not be THE CAUSE of the Hawks losing..So in the cae of the Hawks we CAN play 4-5 rookies if that many all earn their spots and correct roles..if any team can infuse that many rookies...albeit older and mostly AHL experienced rookies of several years is us.we are not playing 4-5 guys right out of jr. Or 1 yr removed from Jr. AND we have insurance in guys like Handzus to move upline if the rookies fai in those upline spots. There should be no concern except that we must find either a rookie or a vet of the team to take the Frolik role on the PK.. BuT they did give Saad some PK work and probably he gets the chance for #1 PK unit with Kruger...As we know PK work helps a lot of playets improve their games withot the puck. SHOULD MAKE SAAD even a better player than he was as a rookie..I am encouraged not worried by our yute infudion..No one is really a first yr pro except Leblanc and we do not know if he is on the team with a top 9F role or sent to Rockford because the other rookieslike Pirri and Morin did keep their Top 2 and 3rd line roles. ...and even if he makes the team somewhere,Leblanc is a more mature guy graduayed 4 yrs through college..not some recent kid right from jrs. Or just 1 yr from jrs. So the blanket statement inplying playing 4-5 "rookies" will doom the Hawks to losing is I think misplaced in the actual cirmcumstances of the age and experience of this rookie group.
Have never agreed more with Robo-fiddy. The absolute best response to this thread

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