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07-20-2013, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
We've had maybe three guys in ten years who appeared to have any idea what Datsyuk was doing out there. Two are retired, and the third is expected to be on his line next year. After that, everyone on the roster is an iffy fit at best, while Gator showed some promise at the end of last year and is being sold a bit short. edit: Also, I don't think having someone who fits all of what you list is on our roster. Franzen has probably the closest skill set, but I've never liked him as a fit next Datsyuk, and he'd be taking our only other significant goal scorer off on of our complimentary lines.

Also, if it doesn't work out and Abdelkader doesn't carry his game over, we switch him out and move someone else in.
It amazes me how often this is overlooked. Datsyuk is actually a pretty tough guy to play with. There aren't a whole lot of players in the World that would have half our fan-base happy with their output next to Datsyuk. Datsyuk is an exceptional talent we all know that, but it doesn't mean he is an easy guy to play with, we in point of fact know more have struggled playing with him than thrived at least in terms of our fan-bases expectations.

Zetterberg has pretty much instant chemistry with everyone, Datsyuk is much tougher to crack. I thought Bobby Ryan was ideal but he got snatched up. Kovy plays brilliantly with him but he went home. Parise would have been a good fit in my opinion. He likes north south guys that are ready and willing to shoot and drive portions of the ice freeing him up in the zone. Tatar might get there eventually and maybe if Abdelkader there fails that is the first place they should turn. Hopefully at that point Tatar has the confidence up and isn't flustered by 1st pairing D-men at the NHL level. But I am fine with giving Abdelkader the first crack.

A name I think would work very well and should be available come the deadline is Vanek. He also fixes our what to do about the net-front guy question on the PP, where he might be the best at it these days. Buffalo wants wingers and we have those in spades at the prospect level. Interesting to see how that evolves and what our cap situation looks like, but we could and probably should be big time involved in that trade as long as Buffalo is willing to ship him in division and not scared to death that he will extend, which of course I would hope for.

Be nice to add a known Bruins killer heading into the playoffs and one that fits exceptionally well on our roster.

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