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07-20-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by SoupNazi View Post
Really, no, he's not terrible. Is he misused? Probably. Is he that terrible that he shouldn't be in the NHL? No. He's a serviceable bottom six player.
Whatever. The guy is going to continue to play like total garbage and Babcock is going to keep trotting him out there and feed us sound bite after sound bite extolling the virtues of Justin Garbagekader and his ability to dig for pucks.

I love how Babcock likes to handicap the top line. Why not make it harder to play against Z and D? That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead he trots out the missing link to dig for those pucks. I checked Gator's stats in NHL 13 and noticed his dig for pucks stats was infinity.

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