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07-20-2013, 07:13 PM
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The Washington 1-3-1 was fascinating to me, and worked because Riberio and Backstrom are excellent playmakers, Green is a threat to shoot, and Ovechkin is a right handed shot on the left side. I see that PP unit as more a product of Oates understanding everyone's strengths, and developing a PP that worked with them.

The way to beat a high pressure PK is easier said than done. Crisp, precise passing. You have to have players on the same page as each other, and no one making a mistake.

To use a soccer analogy, look at Barcelona. No one tries to high pressure them, because they can pass it quickly and dangerously, and shred you. All it takes is something quick and unexpected; a behind-the-back pass, a shot intentionally wide of the net, or the patented Cally goal mouth pass play, and the high pressure system breaks. It's tough, I'll give you that. But it's a home run deal in that while it kills teams that can't move the puck quickly, if you execute the right combination you have a guy with a great chance wide open in front of goal.

The problem is that MDZ handled the puck like a grenade, and Girardi didn't have the mobility to help the PP at all. He was basically a stationary option that doesn't help at all. There is a reason dmen like Semenov, who had an amazing shot, don't play the PP in the NHL. It requires movement.

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