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Originally Posted by smcgreg View Post
This is the ADM and the idea is to make it like pond hockey where things are tight and the players get lots of chances with the puck and learn to be creative as opposed to being locked into systems and positions. There are some associations though that don't buy into this and have broken away. So, there are 8U associations that are playing full ice.
I haven't seen it yet but I am reading that a lot of the better programs in the NE are moving away from the ADM model for 7-8 years old and dividing Mites into Mite Major/Minor and having 2nd year (majors) play full ice. I think a lot of programs are having trouble with kids who never played full ice jumping right into it at Squirt level.

I like what the ADM model inspires to be but I just feel like many rinks are just using it as an excuse to stuff more kids on the ice. I have read that there are actually a lot of rules to ADM besides just cross ice and no score keeping, but most programs dont bother using them.

I know this involves starting another topic but the hypocrisy in many programs and ADM is pretty sad imo. Instead of promoting the sport I think all they are doing is stuffing rinks/organization pockets but not really doing what is necessary to grow the sport at a longer term level. I had to learn things on my own but I was lucky to have friends with kids slightly older than mine to learn what is really going on before shelling out unnecessary $$$.

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