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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post

Anyone can have their own opinion about that, but for me you don't miss four tournaments in a row with injuries, it's a conscious decision on his part. If it was Erik Karlsson no one would care about that, but Toby is the second or third fiddle PP guy on this team and has healthy competition for a spot. That's when showing up for the World Champs starts to matter. Erik Gustafsson wouldn't be a camp invitee without the World Champs.
Could be, but Enström is a band-aid boy who obviously gets all kinds of injuries on a regular basis. A nightmare in fantasy hockey although when on his game certainly a sleeper that will win you some games from the 15th round or after. Has not the greatest forwards to play with either so very often it's him and Big Buff that to a high degree drives their offense.

Sure, having Brodin, Ericsson and Hjalmarsson as our 6th to 8th defensemen are all great, but lets say we lose two of our offensive defensemen either before or during the Games. Not such a dynamic group then if no Enström either.


Not terrible though. Might work.

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