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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The Bergevin deficit is growing regularly.

4 million to Briere.
3.5 million to Desharnais.
An extra 2 million to Subban (you say 3 million).

The Bergevin Deficit is closing in on 10 million dollars.

When Bergevin was hired, he admitted that he's "not a numbers guy", and I shuddered, and my worries are being confirmed with time.
Yeah I'm sure there's not a 'numbers guy' looking at these contracts

MB's just handing them out like candy without a second thought

Just because you can add numbers and read charts on, does not make you a capologist. There are so many things the average fan doesn't even consider when it comes to the cap that GM's and their associates do

It's easy to sit here and add numbers when you don't have any consequences to your decisions (or lack their of), it's a whole other when your sitting in that chair

But your example of Briere (who I don't have an issue with personally) and Desharnais (which I was never a big fan of) are perfect examples of why cap space is so overrated. Teams that have money like the Habs, are gonna spend it regardless

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