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07-21-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
The Rangers have the personnel with speed and size to confront the puck, put pressure on opposing d-men, and counter from the forced turnovers. They have the players to dump in corners, and grind out a cycle that leads to a shot on goal from the point.

It's too friggin easy. Throw the puck to the point, get bodies in front, and throw it back towards the net. Rangers' d-men never shot the puck off a cycle unless they were wide open by 20 feet. That is all Torts' doing.

The Rangers had one coach in almost 75 years win a Cup, and what a surprise, he preached relentless puck pressure in the offensive zone by all three forwards, pinching d-men, and denying the opponents d-man to make heady up-ice decisions with the puck.

The 2014 Rangers are still green, but they need to use their speed and athleticism for a "60 Minutes of Hell" press. The sitting back and letting the other team dictate play to me is the biggest indictment of a coach who was hard on the outisde but soft as butter on the inside.

It's a shame Avery was such a d-bag and had a 10-cent head, because he was one of the best at forcing turnovers and pressing the puck, and he had enough skill to set up scoring plays from his forecheck.
I never saw Avery as a d-bag or a player with a 10 cent head--nor did I think he was that terrific a forechecker. He was very good and patient with the puck when he was down low in the other team's end and capable of making some nice plays. By the end of his time here he was a turnover machine in his own end--not sure how much effect the coaching had on that--I always kind of looked at it as he was declining.

What really is ludicrous though is comparing the personnel of the 12-13 team as if they were on the same level with the 93-94 team. Not even ****ing close. Last year's team had one and only one advantage over the 93-94 Stanley Cup championship team--Lundqvist is a better goalie than Richter ever was though Richter was very good. We have no one that compares to Brian Leetch or Sergei Zubov--we don't have a physical force like Beukeboom on the back end. No forward remotely in Messier's league-- or power forward like Graves. Of last year's team maybe 4 forwards--3 d-men and the goalie could have played on that team and one of the d-men was missing for half the season. Last year's team was not talented enough, not big enough, not tough or mean enough--did not have personnel that could make other teams pay when they took penalties. Keenan was more or less along for the ride and it's very debatable to say that he's a better coach than Tortorella.

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