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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
What's annoying is the Briere signing. It's a signal that we can't win a cup for the next two years and we'll put in some window dressing to show that the GM is "on the case."

It does nothing to help us win and I think actually hurts us (for the reasons I've explained.) Those kinds of moves are what have killed us over the years so its extremely frustrating to see it happen again. If you're going to make a move... make one that will help us win something now or down the road. Don't waste time with this stuff. It's not that I think Briere is a bad player or that he might not bounce back with 60 points... its that he's a bad fit for this team and the 60 points don't really matter. They could be scored by other players. Big winger would've really, really helped. Briere is just more of the same.

Its very simple. The GM should be thinking about cups... that's it. Does this move help us win a cup or not? If it doesn't (and Briere doesn't) then don't do it.
Right-on. Basically, the Habs have a major leak and Bergevin responds by purchasing another paddle.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Trading Plecs made sense a while back for rebuilding purposes. Now? Not so much. Galchenyuk's emergence as an 18 year old (certainly sooner than I expected) has fast forwarded the process...

I'd trade Markov, DD, Briere (who was just signed) Gionta... all of them away before Plecs right now. Unless we're going to do a full scale rebuild (something that doesn't make sense any longer) then I wouldn't deal him unless the offer was too good to pass up.
I think the timing of our Cup window depends largely on how well our D develop. If Tinordi, Beauieu and Dietz/Ellis/Pateryn look legit -- and I'll bet we'll get a good look at them this season -- we could have a very solid, big, balanced defence by the following season. 2014/15 could be our time. Our D could be our strength, and almost all of it could be homegrown through the draft. If so, Plekanec should be a part of that. He'll still be in his prime, plus the leadership, experience, etc.

That means focusing on our forward depth. We need to get the right player, a real PF. I don't care how, but that's when Bergevin sprouts balls and gets it done. Trade the players you mentioned, add Bourque to the list, sweeten it with one D if necessary. I'll even speak heresy and offer Gallagher to get a star forward. We have to accept that to get someone big we have to give someone big.

The only other option is to get a prime UFA. I don't buy the idea that top UFAs won't come to Montreal. We just have offer enough. Trade away Briere, free up $4M and get the right guy, not just the available guy.

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