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07-21-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
Patrick Kane was the Hawks leading scorer this season. He outscored Hossa by 23 points. He lead the Hawks in the playoffs and was 2nd in the league during the post season. So, the Hawks "one player" was hitting on all cylinders.

When Ovechkin isn't producing you would hope that Backstrom would pick up the slack. The Caps top 5 in scoring in the playoffs was Green, Ward, Perreault, Backstrom and Chimera in that order. 5pts total from Ovechkin and Backstrom is just not something the Caps can survive very well.

The cap hit for Kane Toews and Hossa is $17.875m. Ovechkin and Backstrom are at $16.238m. Add Ribeiro and the cap hit is $21.2m. That's 7pts combined for the 3.

I probably shouldn't mention that if Hossa had scored 31pts(brouwer had 33pts) and followed with an off playoffs, our board would be rife with demand that he be dumped. it McPhee's fault that so much of the cap is tied up in those two players?
If you expect two or three players to by themselves win four playoff series then you're going to be disappointed. As we've shown for the past five years.

And that's the problem with Mcphee's idiot belief that we just need to reach the postseason and then its a crapshoot. That would be the case if there weren't teams like Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Ottawa, LA, Detroit etc that aren't playing for a crapshoot. The competition is building a team and a strategy and they'll beat us every year.

Regarding Kane being awesome this year. .. Ovechkin outplayed him in 2009. We lost early because we had one of the worst defenses I've ever seen in the postseason.

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