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07-21-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by EE AY HOCKEY CONNECT View Post
Oh echo is a little *****

I've played him 6-7 times in various leagues and he has won every time.

We played tonight and for the first time ever I beat him. I won 4-2 and with 1.5 left he quit.

We are fighting neck and neck for the playoffs and he pulls this garbage. What a joke.

Looking at his DNF it's a disgrace he is even in this league. Some simple math shows that he has playes alot vs the computer and quit several of those games as well.

I have never quit vs him even tho he skated around the ice playing keep away for the last minute of a 1 goal game.

I sure hope in 2014 there is a way to monitor some of this ******** that these punks get away with.

Game 8 please bounce this loser
We cant have this in the league, is he on hf? If so consider this a warning. I like to talk to people first. Also if you are invited to games you are obligated to play!

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