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07-21-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
It's the same thing global warming will cause an ice age. As the polar caps melt and send the cold arctic water into the oceans the temperature of the oceans drop. If the Atlantic stream drops by 2 or 3 degrees it can significantly impact the weather. Just because its called global warming doesn't mean we will necessarily see warmer weather.

IMO the weather that has been happening in AB this year is a result of the last 40 years of tree removal from the north. Have you ever been to north of Mariana lakes?It is virtually a desert up there. By creating a artificial desert in a historically colder area it has had serious effects on the weather patterns of said area. In 2001 I saw it rain snow hail and sleet in a matter of 15 min in the middle of February. 45 minutes north of Ft Mcmurray. Don't tell me climate change isn't a real thing.

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