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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Just because you fail doesn't mean you will continue to do so. People learn and evolve. At one point Lebron and Steve Yzerman were total chokers ripped apart by any and everyone.

Then they had success and they are hailed as greats.

You can indeed fail, and fail often, and then succeed.

Batman didn't get out of the pit until after multiple tries!! Just because he didn't make it the first couple times doesn't mean he won't ever make it.
Yeah, we 'learned' that Brooks Laich 'evolved' into our 2C and John Erskine 'evolved' into our top 4D. I'd be positively shocked if they don't advance further in the playoffs with those developments. I mean, Feaster 'learned' that Blake Comeau was a 1C with great success did he not.

And Real Life Batman gets his spinal chord completely severed when that asian 'knocks' it back into place and dies in the hole from malnutrition. Which actually seems to be where the Real Life Caps are headed, so there's that.

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