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07-21-2013, 02:39 PM
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I was one of the posters who touted how good of a player Barkov would be for the Preds. Now that Barkov went to Panthers, I have been on their board to make them know a bit more about Barkov and how he compares to the all time great nordic players.

So, now that Jones is with Nashville, I must say, that Barkov vs. Jones comparison is apples vs. oranges. There isn't really a way of measuring defensemen vs forwards and their values are even more vague. Jones is as sure of a NHL defenseman, as a prospect really can be. The offensive game should be on an adequate level already, and with right way of sheltered minutes and mostly offensive zone starts Jones could be an impact player already next season.

Even if Jones wouldn't be impact player next season, it is highly likely that in coming years Jones' value as a player will exceed that of Barkov. You don't see Webers and Lidstroms of the league traded that often, the only way of losing them is through FA.

I think Nashville fans should take Jones falling as a "draft steal" since that's exactly what it is. Avalanche and Panthers wanted franchise centers and so a franchise defenseman dropped to 4th where he wasn't supposed to be available. Now that is as much of a first round steal as one could hope for even when it didn't match the team needs. Always pick the BPA, and in this case you just might win yourself the best player of the draft despite not winning the draft lottery.

Just look at another defensman dropped in his draft, Cam Fowler. point per game, +30 in OHL then after his draft right out of the gate 40 points with a -25. And a lot of the Ducks fans say that his horrid +/- was more due to his defensive partners lapses, so he might have been quite good already. But his offensive production dropping with his improving defensive game should at least show some adjusting to the NHL game. So I think Fowler isn't a 40 point player, it was more of a thing of offensive minded junior coming to NHL.

The same way I could see Jones hitting 40 points right out of the gate, but in my mind his defensive game can't be yet ready he is an 18 year old coming out of junior. And defensemen have to learn to play in the NHL by playing in the NHL. That's why there aren't too much Norris trophys won by 18 year olds. Erik Karlsson is the closest and he was said to have average defensive qualities aswell.

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