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07-21-2013, 04:05 PM
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I had to go with Cousins here. I'm not overly familiar with the workings of the collegiate routes of development and can't say i've heard of any sort of pedestal that route has been put on (as far as Ghost goes) and over Stolarz because I can't say I have much of an eye for goaltending talent whatsoever...being Canadian and a Flyers fan has left me in the dark regarding this position.

Cousins has got to be the most solid prospect for this spot and the biggest guarantee to churn out an NHL career. This isn't to knock any of the others mentioned players as I hold them in similar high regard and optimism.

I find it a bit baffling that this particular poll is such a landslide seeing as how Cousins was cut and dry 2nd behind Laughton in the same poll last year and I cant even remember that Ghost was voted into top 5, yet, according to some quotes in here I must be misguided and misinformed to hold this opinion. I beg to differ, ofcourse.

What is it that Ghost did this year that I missed, thats vaulted him so clearly above Cousins who finished 3rd in OHL regular season scoring at 19 with peanuts for a supporting cast? Surely it wasnt his showing at the WJC, which was impressive in it's own right.

If im so misinformed here I would really appreciate if someone could highlight a few reasons for the big swing here.

Nicks the type of prospect that the Flyers have great strength in choosing, Oh and happy belated to Cousins who turned 20 yesterday.

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