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07-21-2013, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie Daggers Crime View Post
Yeah, we're talking about millions of dollars. Tell your wife to go to the spa and get on the ****ing phone for a couple hours.

This honeymoon nonsense reeks of ********. I think teams are just put off by a guy they perceive as a malcontent. He'll end up on some team that throws together mercenaries like Carolina or Phoenix or something.
Wow, you guys are way too harsh with this! The frenzy ended and signings are usually days and days apart. The guy is doing the responsible thing and sending a clear message to his NEW wife that she is number 1. Geez, it's okay to be bitter, jaded and fickle but keep it to your personality and don't try to pass it on to other people. He's not going to LOSE millions of dollars by not picking up the phone for a week or two. In fact, many free agents hold out and end up making more. Get a grip!

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